Audio Dubbing Studio for Rent

Audio Dubbing Studio for Rent / Sound recording studio in Chennai:

We offer Audio Dubbing Studio/sound studio alone on hire in case any film crew particularly would like to hire just the studio suite and have their own technicians work on the project. If you want to book our studio for rent or, hire our sound engineers to do the audio related works for your Film/advertisement, We one of the Top audio dubbing studio in Chennai, Tamilnadu, India, give us a call or drop us a message/mail

Sound recording is one of the most vital stages of filmmaking. Be it recording live sound or doing the rerecording later in the studio, all of it is vital to the process of filmmaking. Chennai photography studio V offers sound recording and sound editing services in Chennai. Our services include dubbing, mixing, mastering, sfx, foley etc. Right from short films up, Television Serials, Web series, Youtube Video, Advertising Films to feature length films, we work on all projects and our prices are affordable to all. The package can be customised according to the requirement of the client. Those who wish to hire all audio related services can do so or those who wish to have a select few services can opt for customisation of the package and they will be charged accordingly. Our sound engineers have many years of experience working in the Film and Television Industry, assuring their quality of work. We are happy to work with all the top tamil serials, television advertisements, television production companies and channels.

for more details and offers please call : 098844 63602