Engagement shoot

Chennai photography Studio V offers engagement photography shoots in Tamil Nadu. Our engagement photography services are known for its quality and its value for money services. Engagement is not as elaborate as a wedding ceremony however, there are a lot of beautiful moments that a photographer needs to be sensitive to in order to be able to capture them well. An engagement shoot is a nice way for the photographer and the client to initiate their wedding photography journey. A lot of clients tend to take a look at the photographer’s job through the engagement photography and then decide whether or not they would like to book the same photographer for the wedding photo shoot as well. 

Engagement photography requires the photographer to be able to work under time restrictions and swiftly work amidst a lot of crowd. Engagement photography comprises of candid photography and videography, traditional photography and videography, cinematic shoot and drone shoot. Now a days, there is a recent trend called lip dub which is also becoming quite popular at engagement shoots. This is a video where, the couple along with all their relatives and friends take up small portions of a film song, act/dance according to the lyrics, in front of the camera. This has a fun and cinematic feel.

Be it candid or traditional or drone engagement shoots, Chennai wedding photographer does it all.