What are some of the basic rules to be followed by a fashion photographer?

Fashion photography is one of the more fun and exciting genres of photography as this involves travelling to places and working with real models. However, to make it big in the fashion photography industry that sees thousands of aspiring photographers on a daily basis, there are a few guidelines that a photographer needs to follow.

First one among these is knowing to select the right model for the shoot, some models are commonly known to carry out some of the ideas behind a few brands well. So, see whether your model fits in well into the brand image and then cast them for the role. Once you have decided on the model, make sure you highlight the best of their features that would work in favour of the brand. The model should be able to convey the brand message, flaunt the accessories well and should fit in well into the entire scenario.

Secondly, planning well in advance for the shoot is one of the vital things. Unlike some genres of photography that are shot impromptu, this particular genre of photography requires a lot of planning such as planning the lighting, camera angles, the backdrops in which you would be shooting, the poses that the model has to give, costumes of the model etc. Make sure you have all this planned before the actual shoot.

Last but not the least, make sure that you make your models feel comfortable around you. Otherwise, no matter how great they look or how well the costume, hair style and makeup look on them, the photos may not come out the way you expected. The model would seem very uncomfortable in all the photos and that is not something that you want as a fashion photographer. 

Thus, these are some of the basic guidelines for fashion photographers to follow in order to make their mark in the industry.