What are the different types of portrait photography?

Portraits are a wonderful way of expression. A portrait usually brings out the deepest emotions within a person in front of the camera. There are different types of photography. They are:

  • Traditional portraits: These are the typical photographs of individuals looking straight into the camera and the photo length is usually up to the bust or shoulder. 
  • Lifestyle portraits: This type of portrait is usually shot when people are in their natural surroundings being their natural self.
  • Environmental portrait: Although the focus of these portraits lies on the environment, there is still a human subject in frame. 
  • Street portraits: Commonly known as street photography, these are usually candid photos shot impromptu on streets. These usually depict the interesting elements in the mundane or routine. 
  • Beauty portraits: These portraits involve showcasing the beauty of the model.
  • Fine art portrait: These are creative portraits that involve capturing other forms of art. 
  • Family/ group portrait: As the name suggests, this involves capturing photos of families or any homogeneous group. 

The above mentioned are some of the common forms of portraits across the globe. However, beyond this there are sub sections such as maternity portrait, alliance portraits, couple portraits, baby portraits, business/corporate portrait etc.