Couple Portrait

Couple portraits are beautiful. It wonderfully showcases the special bond shared by two souls. These photographs are shot inside the studio setting but, within this confined space, there is so much of creativity that is awaiting to be tapped into, there are so many emotions that are waiting to be expressed. These photos are usually shot either before the wedding or after the wedding as an alternate to outdoor couple shoot. But, some couples even get this shoot done a couple of years after being married. These photographs can be lively and bring out the joy that the two people experience as a couple, the happiness in being married, the fun element of marriage etc. 

Chennai photography studio offers couple studio portrait services at a nominal cost in Chennai. Our photographers are the best when it comes to handling people. They will ensure that the couple becomes comfortable with them within the first few minutes of meeting them. This would then ensure that the couple is able to pose freely an convey their ideas also freely to the photographer. In case the couple wants to have a makeup artist and hair dresser for the shoot, we have to be informed in advance. We will arrange for it at an additional cost.