Who doesn’t like to have a bird’s eye view of their own wedding to see all the grandeur and celebration? Everybody loves to have it and that is the advantage that shooting with helicam offers. But, there are a lot of rules and regulations to be followed while using a drone/helicam. The Government rule states that one needs to have authorization from the concerned officials while flying a drone above a certain height. Hence, the clients need to ensure that the wedding venue has the clearance to fly the drone at their venue. Once that is ensured, we will take care of the rest. Right from bringing in the equipment and the operator till editing the drone footage, all of it will be taken care of by Chennai wedding photographer. 

Chennai photography studio V offers the best helicam shooting services in Chennai. Most people tend to avoid drones at wedding because, they find it very expensive. But, you will be surprised to see how reasonably priced our drone services are. You can either choose to have helicam services as a standalone service or, add it to your entire wedding photography and videography package. We assure the best quality drone services in Chennai.