What is the difference between modelling photography and fashion photography?

Modelling photography and fashion photography are most often confused with each other. Many a times, people think that both refer to the same genre of photography but, in fact they are two different types of photography that serves totally different purposes. In brief, modelling photography tries to promote the model in frame whereas, fashion photography tries to sell a lifestyle. Although both kinds of photography involve models, makeup artists, costume designers and hair stylists, modelling photography does not use too many accessories or, does not try to focus on any particular accessory or the feel of the photo whereas, in fashion photography, the emphasis is on the feel or idea that the photograph conveys. Also, modelling photography is usually done for the benefit of individuals i.e., when the individual wants to market himself/herself as an aspiring model to show to the modelling industry and casting directors. But, fashion photography is usually done for brands or fashion magazines in order to promote the brand and what it stands for. 

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